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You must be a Skytap Cloud administrator or user manager to access the Groups resource.

https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/groups/ <group-id>


The element name is groups and the following fields are defined:


GET https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/groups/ <group-id> .json


Representation of group.

GET https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/groups?count= 10 offset= 0

You can add query parameters to your request. For example, the following request will return a list of up to 50 groups that user 12345 is a member of.

GET https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/groups?query=user_id: 12345 count= 50 offset= 0

For a full list of query parameters, see the table below:

Parameter Name



Sorts the list of groups either in ascending or descending order. Options:



Filters results by various attributes; these are subfilters that can be separated by commas within the query parameter.


List of groups.

POST https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/groups.json

Required parameters

: Group name

Optional parameters

: Group description

Representation of new group.


PUT https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/groups/ <group-id> /users/ <user-id> .json

Representation of the updated group.


DELETE https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/groups/ <group-id> /users/ <user-id>


User is removed from group.


DELETE https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/groups/ <group-id>


Group is deleted.


DELETE https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/groups/ <group-id> , <group-id>


Groups are deleted.

Step 1: Create the report

POST https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/groups/exports

To request the report be emailed to you when it is complete, append to the URL.

GET https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/groups/exports/123456.json


The report is downloaded.

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Inter-Configuration Network Route (ICNR) v2 tunnels resource model

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Tunnels are top-level resources that define a network route between two networks. A representation of the tunnel resource will include information about the connected networks, as well as the status of the connection.

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